Earth Tones Box Set

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The Box Set contains the full range of our beard and moustache grooming products. Perfect as a gift and even better to treat yourself with.

Our Earth Tones Range provides a fresh 'earthy' scent thanks to the inclusion of Pine Needle and Cedarwood essential oils. The scent is livened up and made fresh and invigorating with the addition of Orange essential oil.

Our Earth Tones products have great antiseptic properties due to the inclusion of Cedarwood essential oil.

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Included in the Box Set:

  • Beard Oil (30ml Bottle)
  • Beard Balm (100 gram tin)
  • Moustache Wax (50 gram tin)
  • Beard Soap.

Beard oils are an excellent way to maintain your beard. If you pride yourself on healthy-looking facial hair, look no further than our range of hand-crafted beard oils. Your beard will look, feel and smell amazing and your face will love you for it. 

Our beard balms are made by hand, using all natural processes. The combination of oils, beeswax and shea butter allows for deep absorption - nourishing and moisturising your beard, right down to the roots. The texturizing elements of our balms are perfect for shaping, while taming any stubborn fly-aways. 

Beard soap is a key element in any well-groomed guy’s facial routine. Each unique blend is formulated to provide the perfect cleanse - great for your beard and your skin. The gentle lather soothes while it scrubs clean all those follicles. It will leave you feeling tingly fresh, with a soft and manageable beard.

Moustache waxes are made using a mixture of essential oils and natural beeswax. The styling pomade for our waxes is crafted by hand, like all the products in our range. No matter your whisker length, our moustache wax provides perfect hold. And a little goes a long way. This is the ideal grooming aid for shaping, texturizing and adding moisturizing goodness.

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