Why Guay?

Because it’s cool.


Kwaai (adjective): South African slang for: Cool, Excellent.

‘I dig that song, it’s kwaai.’

‘Kwaai kwaai my bru!’

Guay is Kwaai…. In Spanish


Our Origins...

The Beard Man was established in 2016, when Steve Fourie decided to grow out an epic Beard, it got to that annoying length where it itched all the time, so he started looking for a beard comb just to scratch his face. After trying many plastic combs,   he found them to cause more frizz than anything else. 

He moved onto wooden combs. The first wooden beard comb he bought was cheap,  poorly made and ended up breaking. So he decided to make his own,  choosing Walnut because it's a hard wood, and just looks cool.Then he just kept making more combs out of oak, bamboo etc.

After trying a few beard oils and mustache waxes etc, Steve had the ingenious thought;  To start making his own, with scents he liked. So he started tinkering with different recipes, and consulted with Dermatologists, Perfumers, and essential oil experts to get the compositions just right... And voila, here we are today!