How to make your beard grow faster naturally.

Our first rule of Bearding is LEAVE IT alone!!  let it grow,  a lot of guys are too quick to start trimming and shaping, because they believe that shaving regularly makes it grow thicker,  it doesn't,  shaving your beard just makes it gone. leave your beard for at least four to six weeks before you start shaping it to your desired look..

Beard thickness and growth rate depends mainly on genetics,  but these tips will help you along the way:

Firstly,  let your beard grow, keep it clean and moisturized,  including the skin underneath, drink a lot of water,  get a lot of exercise, and stick to a proper diet.

Why use beard oil?
A good beard oil should be used from the get go. It keeps the skin and hair moisturized and hydrated, providing much needed nutrients to the beard.
it helps soften and tame the fuzz, calms beardruff, reduces beard itch and it keeps your beard smelling good.
a benefit of some essential oils like sandalwood or tee tree oil is that they are natural anti septics which help in clearing your pores to reduce acne.

Why use a beard balm ?
Beard balm is made for styling your beard,  it provides hold for shaping,  it is a leave in conditioner that moisturises your facial hair and makes the beard appear thicker.

Why use beard soap?
Beard soap leaves your facial hair clean and slick, conditioning and strengthening your beard, helping to reduce beard tangle, it allows you to smoothly run your favorite beard comb through it.