Beard Oil And Soap Combo Pack

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Beard Oil and Beard Soap Combo

A perfect beard grooming starter kit.

Included in the Combo Pack:

  • Beard Oil (30ml Bottle)
  • Beard Soap

Beard oils are an excellent way to maintain your beard. If you pride yourself on healthy-looking facial hair, look no further than our range of hand-crafted beard oils. Your beard will look, feel and smell amazing and your face will love you for it. 

Beard soap is a key element in any well-groomed guy’s facial routine. Each unique blend is formulated to provide the perfect cleanse - great for your beard and your skin. The gentle lather soothes while it scrubs clean all those follicles. It will leave you feeling tingly fresh, with a soft and manageable beard. The moisturising and nourishing properties of the organic oils and minerals in our beard soap will promote a stronger and fuller beard.

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