Forest Beard Balm

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Our Forest Beard Balm is a mixture of the base oils and essential oils to help increase, moisturize, nourish and strengthen your beard.

Our Earth Tones Range provides a fresh 'earthy' scent thanks to the inclusion of Pine Needle and Cedarwood essential oils. The scent is livened up and made fresh and invigorating with the addition of Orange essential oil.

Our Earth Tones products have great antiseptic properties due to the inclusion of Cedarwood essential oil. And the beeswax helps style and hold your beard.

Beard Balm (100 gram tin)



: Sweet Almond and Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Shea Butter
sweet almondcoconut oilbeeswaxshea butter
Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lemon Grass
eucalyptus essential oiltea tree essential oillemongrass


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